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Registered Social Worker

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Expressive Arts Therapist

I have been a Social Worker for over 20 years and an Expressive Arts Therapist for the past 8 years. 


I have had a rich career tapestry weaving in the threads of sexual health, mental health, homelessness, domestic violence, anti-violence programs for youth, disabilities support, community work and clinical work.  I learn something from everyone I work with.  

I work in a trauma-informed way and I am a firm believer in healing through the arts.  I look forward to hearing your story and helping you tap into your inner resilience and vitality.  

I am here as a companion on your healing journey, and a witness to the deep and wild parts of your heart that long to be heard.  Let's connect!  

My style is informed by the following philosophies:

Person-centered - listening to YOUR inner compass

Somatic - learning how the body holds trauma and how it can become home again

Trauma-informed - understanding how the nervous system gets stuck in fight/flight/freeze and how to self-soothe

Post-modern - deconstructing and reconstructing identity, listening to the voices from the margins of self and society

Mindfulness - compassionately noticing without judgment

Gestalt - seeing what's coming up in the moment as a fractal of what's happening in the psyche

Depth psychology - honouring the protective impulses of the psyche and tapping into the collective unconscious

Transpersonal - connecting with the Great Big Nice Good (however you define that)

Existential - accessing meaning-making

Feminist - layering in contexts of historically contructed privilege

Acceptance & Commitment (ACT) - embracing unconditional self-love AND meaningful action, guided by your core values

Narrative - reframing and retelling the story of you, locating yourself within your hero's journey

Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) - following creativity as a path to healing and reactivating joy

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