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Kayla Chorley


Canadian Certified Counsellor 

Counselling Therapist

(825) 250-0325


I bet you are curious to learn a bit more about myself and my work with anxiety.

Sure, I could tell you about all of the fancy trainings I have gone to, and I certainly have a lot of clinical experience working with clients dealing with anxiety, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, but the truth is I am my client. I, too, have dealt with these particular tendencies, have been at a place in which they completely had me hooked and were calling the shots, and my main goal was to get rid of my anxiety. 

It wasn’t until I learned to shift my perspective around anxiety, and see it as an ally, that anxiety began to give up its control over me. Does this mean I never experience anxiety, perfectionism, or people-pleasing now? Absolutely not, but what it does mean is that I am able to take a step back and acknowledge when these tendencies are present, and ultimately decide whether I want to act on them or not. I have been successful at taking my power back, and I want to support you in doing that too.


Together, we will engage in work that allows you to re-establish a healthy relationship with anxiety, to understand how it shows up for you (perhaps as perfectionism, overachieving, neediness in relationships), and explore its role as a protector. This approach allows you to drop the struggle and live your best life.

I am also the type of therapist that will laugh, cry, and high-five you in session. I am also a big fan of self-hugs.

You can learn more about my work and schedule an appointment with me here:

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