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    Creative Counselling Collective


We are a collective of counselling therapists and psychologists, each with our own private practice. We work out of a group of offices at Sparrow Creative Counselling Centre.


Many of us have experience and training in art therapy, expressive arts therapy and play-based modalities.

We believe that validation, acknowledgement and safety are foundational to helping others. We strive to create a welcoming tone and environment in our space.



There is a lot that we can learn from these little birds.


Sparrows remind us to focus on the little things and embrace simplicity. They are a symbol of happiness or contentment, and even though they are small, they are mighty in numbers.

Sparrows remind us to be creative in the way we interact with our world and weave ingenious solutions to life's challenges.

At SPARROW CREATIVE, we are inspired by these little birds' creativity, contentment, and a strong sense of community, and hope to bring their wisdom into our clinical practice, as well as into the lives of each one of our clients.

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